About this site

On this site Neil shares his spiritual experience along with many other testimonies in love for everyone and in obedience to God. Without limiting God of the universe to human logics or from a religious belief born with, explore the truth and you will find salvation which you’re free to choose.

Testimony of Neil …

I was leading a secular life style without a real Faith; just living a worldly life. I thought every religion is formed to guide people to live a moral life. I didn’t believe Bible is a fully reliable word of God. I didn’t like anyone sharing their faith and preaching others to follow their beliefs.

But now everything changed! Why?

I personally found and experienced there is a real loving God, who communicates and with whom we can have a personal relationship. He gives us the assurance of eternal life with salvation, providing peace and joy right from this life! He commands us to worship Him whole heartedly and love everyone on this world like ourself.

After realizing the Truth of eternal life and love of God, with my own research I found the Bible is fully reliable word of God and trustworthy. Bible tells to share the Gospel to others; in act of obedience to God and love for my neighbors, I am now sharing my real experience here.

How the change happened?

I came across many testimonies of Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Atheist who not only found the Truth, but sharing to everyone about Jesus. Then I thought, what’s happening here and what am I missing to understand even though I brought up in a Christian family.

I sincerely prayed to God, humbling myself before Him and asking for forgiveness, trusting Jesus as the way, life and truth as He died for our sins and resurrected providing salvation for everyone who believes. Then, I started hearing His voice and started experiencing His love, peace and joy!